Ways to Boost Your Child's Immune


Gastrointestinal bugs, constant cold, runny nose, and recurrent flues.  Most parents have an assumption that these conditions are very normal with children in school or day-care. Not all children will be getting sick. Naturalistic physician and experts in pediatric natural medicine have children visiting the offices due to recurrent infection and immune system that catches them with anything that they cross paths with.  Great genes do not guarantee a great immune system.  Parents have a lot of powerful tools available to easily boost their immune system and Efficiency of their children.  A parent should not accept the state of health of their child currently.  It's important to boost the speed healing, great level of awareness, and defenses that helps in boosting a child's immune system. read this article to know how to boost your child's immune system


We need to start with a good diet when it comes to boosting a child's immune system.  Preservatives, additives, food intolerance, and sugar are some of the things that can constantly affect a child's immune system.  It's more difficult to defend bacteria’s and viruses if a child has food allergies, which causes effect on her digestion, leads to inflammation that is wrapped up hence making defending of bacteria and viruses more challenging  Intake of preservatives and additives that a child's body cannot deal with is the same story.  One thing that suppresses the immunity of a child is sugar.  Parents should limit their kids’ consumption of sugar, additives, and foods that contain allergens. Parents should improve their kids’ immune system by making them consume whole fruits, fresh vegetables, eggs, legumes, seeds nuts, and meat


Helps a child manage their anxiety and stressful. In today's world, children are over scheduled, parents are over stressed; hence everyone suffers.  Responding to stress for adults is similar to children's bodies, their adrenaline and cortisol. Stress hormones are sustained when there is the elevation of their immune system response.  It's essential for children to have a lot of time of rest, time for creative play, and lots of downtime.  For immune system to thrive, busybodies, need to take a break. See page for more information about boosting your child immunity.


Ensure that children get enough sleep.  You will realize that most children are not able to sleep enough hours. Everyday, children need to sleep 10 to 14 hours depending on the age. What matters most it's not the quality of sleep.  Melatonin is the sleep hormone; children need to sleep in a dark place where there is no night light. There should be unplugged in a child's room for them to have a good sleep since electromagnetic frequency has an effect of their sleep quality. Keep away all electronic devices away or ensure they are unplugged. For more information, click here: https://www.encyclopedia.com/medicine/anatomy-and-physiology/anatomy-and-physiology/immunity.