Tips for Enhancing the Immune System of Your Child

When our immunity is at its best, it can fight ailments and help to keep microbes and infections at bay. If our immunity is weakened at any period, our little ones and we are more susceptible to influenza or other serious diseases. Germs and contaminants surround us in our day-to-day lives and to fight off diseases, it is necessary that our body’s immunity is robust so that it can keep off diseases and viruses. Unfortunately, your child getting sick is something you cannot avoid. Everyone gets into this world with an inexpert immune system and sometimes a sickness helps improve it. What can do you to boost the immune system of your little one? In the guide we have highlighted a few ways you can boost child's immune system.

Breastfeeding plays a fundamental function in the immunity of a person not only during the early development stages but as he or she grows to adulthood. Breast milk contains colostrum which is full of immunity-boosting antibodies and white blood cells in addition to the baby’s nutrition. It flows from the mother’s breast in the initial few days after birth and supplies the newborn with essential nutrients to supercharge its immunity to ensure that he or she is not prone to infections. Generally, breastfeeding boosts a child’s brain power as well as immunity against ear infections, allergies, and diarrhea, among other illnesses.

From research, medical experts have found that sleep deficiency can result in weak immunity among children and adults where your white blood cells reduce in number – which are responsible for eradicating microbes and cancer cells. In particular, children in daycare are prone to sleep deprivation as all the activities can make it challenging for them to sleep. A newborn will require up to eighteen hours of sleep, toddlers need 12-13 hours while preschoolers should sleep for 10 hours at the least. If your little one cannot or won't sleep during the day, ensure that their bedtime is set earlier. Click here to read more information about enhancing immune system for your child.

Additionally, you can improve your child’s immunity by maintaining his or her microbiota. Probiotics are harmless essential bacteria that are naturally present in our guts. Their role is to guard our digestive tract, assist in digesting food, toxin clearance as well as protecting us from bacteria and viruses. Ensure that you maintain your kids gut bacterial balance and you can also get them probiotic supplements.

Just as important, a healthy diet is key in boosting the overall immune system. Make sure that you introduce a lot of healthy vegetables and fewer sugars to keep them healthy although your little ones will try to resist. Also try to have them eat seafood for their oils or get them supplements with fish oils because it will help in the development of their brain and enhance their immunity. For more information, click here: